Cветодиодные светильники для потолков типа Грильято

Conceptual Lighting Of Maria Kitchen (Кухни Мария) Showroom

NLT Trade Company took part in creating of Maria Kitchen (Кухни Мария) network’s showroom in Sukharevskaya street (Moscow)

Interesting solutions enabling maximum revealing of visual characteristics of the range, outlining the surface texture of materials and providing uniform lighting for the furniture front, were integrated into the lighting concept developed especially for this brand.

Mikhail Gusmanov, the founder of NLT Trade Company and world-class expert in the field of LED lighting, listed main ideas of the project.

The room of 270 sq. m. is divided into zones every of which shows display samples of kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture – trend models and bestsellers of Maria brand.

Narrow corridors and cove ceiling made designers’ work more difficult.

Moreover it is important to light ready-built kitchens having upper and lower faces uniformly in order to show material surface texture and shades correctly.

To solve this task NLT Trade experts organized neutral general lighting, having installed linear lamps with special optical system accompanied them with bus bar having movable accent lights.

Cветодиодные светильники для потолков типа Грильято
Cветодиодные светильники для потолков типа Грильято

Linear lamps with symmetric objective are installed to light narrow corridors where display samples are. These lamps uniformly illuminate the whole front, from top to the bottom.

When lighting kitchen furniture, color temperature is also important. It is necessary to use warm and neutral lights. They show texture effectively. Cold spectrum makes even premium quality models cheaper. It is better to use warm or neutral light as it makes shades pastel and lay emphasis on the texture.

NL-LINE-CK 105 3000 K 102Вт 2819mm Standart Lamps are used in the project.

Clients’ zone, the place where designers work and the stairs are equipped with lamps having optic system and opal diffusor of 600-800 lx.

The showroom is in the center of Moscow in Malaya Sukharevskaya street 2/4.

Cветодиодные светильники для потолков типа Грильято